Escaping the routine.

I’m a full-time professional in the tech industry, and a few years ago I decided I needed some work/life balance. Photography was an easy hobby to pick up. I process a few origin story and posed as makeup artist and private press and started covering for pageant and events , and it quickly evolved into an obsession. I began using photography as a way to really see my surrounding and the places I visits. I’m too busy to go out and spend half a day shooting landscapes, so I focus on street photography and portraits, taking shots along the ways.

Basic Dreamer, Doer, Believer, Adventurous Eater, MusicLover, Awkward Dancer, BeachGoer, OverThinker, Seldom Cook

I like people who speak in full sentences and are able to drive a car above 75 mph. Reasonably intelligent but i don’t take myself too seriously.


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