CONCEPT :: Soft / Calm / Collective/ Innocent / Peaceful / Attentive / Natural / Delicate Demure

OBJECTIVE: Scout Locations and Generate solid shots with model for portfolios and promotional purpose.
3x HeadShot from front and showderside, with and wo hands
3x Portrait Half Body from front and shoreside, w & wo shoulder / prob
3x Two Third Body w /o shoulder / prob / motion
3x full body Stand still // motion slow // motion fast / spind
3x Sitting // full on object// behind object/ from side of object left/right


Soft, rosy cheeks, Nude lips, lash, Light eyeliner to define shape or thin faux lashes, no contouring and no shine.


look 01 // Hair Down ( lazy but clean, smooth curls on the end, soft, no hair extention, minimal wispy strays)
look 02 // Hair Up ( variant of lazy pony, bun, braided) *no faux hair wigs



Minimalist / Lace / Chiffon / Bohemian / White, Champagne, Blue
(minimal or no prints, textures okay)

Spaghetti straps / dresses / skirts / with seasonal outerwear ie…cardigan, coat, jacket, vest, hoodie ect,
*NO Jean and NO tube-dress