From here on you will have to decide what kind of demon you will be. Not all meals will come to you so easily, ignorant and seeking to do you harm. What will you do if your prey invites you inside, offers you a place at the table? What will …


WOE TO THE DEER WHO IS COURTED BY THE CHARISMATIC WOLF  With your lips on mine, your song still in my ears, I forget that I never said yes, that all of it – the dance, us – was a foregone conclusion. You told me to be your. You didn’t …


SHOULD’VE KNOWN YOU’D BRING ME HEARTACHE she did not blame me for not knowing the gentleness of her soul. for she only showed how violently she loved.


Test Shoot with Van Trail 01 : Stand with Weigh shift to one side Brushing hair while look to the side Trial 02: Puck Lip and eyes


due to non conformance and divate in model and style and wardrobe, profile was changed and new post at below link (_ang) http://www.adamnguyen.com/?p=3004