My name's Adam, a firm believer that people are beautiful just as they are. I know the love you have for your family and I will create photos for you that make you FEEL that love. I'm freaking STOKED you're here. I'm a California- Bay areas-based FORGETFULL MESS. That's pretty much my professional title, honestly. (Officially though, it's "photographer " but that's boring sooo...) If you're ready for some friggin weird dance moves, awkward real life stories, the coolest adventures + couples, and some real life tips, tools, and strategies... you're in the right place. Let's be friend. I'll bring the wine. ;)


aaahhh! you're hereee!!!Either you're feeling ready to book or you just need a little more info... either way, I DON'T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY, and I'm freaking STOKEDDD!!

I wanna make sure you know what you're getting into and we're on the exact same page from DAY ONE. When we're in this together as one big happy, wild team: that's when the magic happens and you get photos that tell the real story + real moments that you'll laugh + cry over 50 years from now, with some grandkids on your knees.


Let's make sure I'm not traveling the other side of the world when you're hoping to corner me in yours. ;) Or if you're wanting to travel somewhere new + explore the world... see if I'm going anywhere cool that you wanna join!

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M139 (method 139) is a standard method to keep its simple, to  increase values of each taken photos. ONE- there is only one photo on our ID to identify and represent who we are, and also At the end of the road there would only one photo on our stone for future gen to remember us. THREE - is the magic number of photo taken of a moment, short enough to keep us interested, but not long enough to dull. NINE .. if you interest enough to read this far, might as well call me :}

"If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how  different our ideals of beauty would be."

some of my favorite moments with loves ones

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